Le bar Floreal-photography

In 1985 Noak Carrau, André Lejarre and me (graphic designer and photographer) did not want to create just another photo agency. By mutualizing of our working tools, our respective networks and by using a common space, a former café, the bar Floreal in Belleville (Paris)-, we wanted to set up real possibilities to create photographic and multidisciplinary projects based on the idea of real exchanges with the public.
From its beginnings, the bar Floreal-photography defended a committed, humanist, concerned photography. 21 photographers* took part in this exceptional adventure, which joined the history of contemporary French photography.
Here is an overview of the projects, the actions and the exhibitions of the bar Floreal in its gallery and in other places over the years.

*Les last years:
Jean-Christophe Bardot, Bernard Baudin, Sophie Carlier, Éric Facon, Alex Jordan, André Lejarre, Mara Mazzanti, Olivier Pasquiers, Caroline Pottier, Nicolas Quinette, Laetitia Tura and Cécile Lucas ( prod ) ., Fréderique Mangin ( icono ), Fouad Houiche ( shooter).