In, around Hangzhou, China

Summer, dreadful heat outside, shops and business-centres with air conditioning like refrigerators. After a week of graphic-design- workshop with super-motivated students, here I am in one of these districts in a neighbouring town, where excavators have not yet made a clean sweep of past. The two teachers who are my guides comment on things to me quite loudly into their smartphones, which then translate everything into text. Unfortunately, it does not work in the German-Chinese sense. Finally we manage in approximate English. 
Sometimes I have to make a small drawing to make myself understood, or to thaw out a situation. It is not the first time and it always works. Nobody objects to my photo-shots. Neither the small manufacturers who often work for the foreigners via the Chinese site Alibaba, nor the security-men of the district. They pose for the photo, without me asking...

When remembering this week, a sentence stays in my head: " here in China today, we live only for cash. " Behind a collage of Confucius, Buddha, Ming and Mao.